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March 9, 2020
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Acne Elimination

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A kind of burden and an element of embarrassment, Acne can be very annoying for you. Irrespective of your age and your sex, this notorious ailment can put you into situations, which you always want to avoid.

If you think that eliminating acne is not possible then, it is time to change your thought. You can not only cure Acne but also eliminate it from the roots and never allow it to disturb you any further. Given below are some ways to treat and eliminate acne.

Natural Treatment: Some people have trust on the cosmetic drugs and say that natural ways are not effective. This however is subject of self-testing. You can try the natural remedies for acne elimination but the time required may be a little longer than the cosmetic drugs!

* Honey is gentle on skin and has antibacterial properties. Applying honey can help in reducing minor acne.

* Keeping your hair off your face is another trick to follow. Hair contains certain oils, which can lead to acne breakout when they meet the skin of your face.

* Avoid make-ups and if you still need to wear some make up, make sure that they are water based.

* Drink almost 8-10 liters of water daily. Water is responsible for carrying out waste and toxic materials out of the body. These toxins and wastes can cause acne.

* Avoid squeezing acne. This is because squeezing increases sebum production (which increases the growth of acne). Also squeezing disrupts the membranes below the skin. The excess sebum produced can easily spread in absence of the membranes and aggravate acne.

* Washing the pillow covers every alternate day is very important because, the pillow covers absorb the oil from your skin and reapplies it along with dirt and germs. This cause skin problems like acne.
Food Habits: Maintaining a proper diet can help in acne elimination. Given below is a list of diet that can help you in eliminating acne.

* Fats can increase acne problems. Hence, it is necessary to use proper fats. Using olive oil in cooking and in salads can help.

* Saturated fats are very dangerous. Animal fats, which stay solid in the room temperature, are the saturated fats. Consumption of these causes acne. Avoid eating those fats and as they damage the body tissues and causes inflammation.

* Avoid eating cookies, snacks, margarine, chips and fast foods.

* Adding omega-3 fats found in flax seeds and salmons can help in fighting acne. However, remember that omega-6 fats are harmful.

* Consumption of enough proteins and proper amounts of carbohydrates avoid inflammation.

* Avoid overeating as over consumption leads to unnecessary energy intake, which may lead to inflammation and develop acne.

* Fresh fruits, salads and vegetables have some vital vitamins that aids in acne elimination.

* Cut off on consumption of butter and red meat. They are the causes of acne.

Eliminating acne is not difficult. It requires some small efforts, which are indeed very difficult at the beginning, but practicing them rewards you with a beautiful skin.


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