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May 26, 2020
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Basic Jewelry Care: Increase the Life of Your Jewelry

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Men and women normally give great value to their jewelry, so it only makes sense that they take great care of their jewelry items. Sadly, mishandling, bad upkeep and ignorance can negatively affect the appearance of your prized items, as well as significantly shorten their useful life. As anyone would realize, there's lots of ways to preserve the look of jewelry as well as increase its useful life. Let's consider how one can affect the method by which they wear, clean, repair and store jewelry in order to decrease damage and maximize its useful life with a number of basic jewelry care tips.

Wear Jewelry to Extend Its Life

Jewelry is worn by millions of people each day, but few realize how they can maintain their treasures by using some basic planning and thought. The best three guidelines you can use to avert damage to your jewelry are: Take Off Jewelry During Tasks, Put Jewelry on After Applying Makeup and Don't Wear Jewelry in Pools or Spas. When undertaking manual tasks, you should remove your jewelry to prevent physical deterioration. Although this would appear easy, this is one of the greatest sources of damage. Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion can possess chemicals that frequently damage jewelry, so jewelry really should be put on after applying these products. Lastly, keep away from swimming pools and spas when wearing jewelry, since chlorinated water can cause damage.

Clean up Jewelry to Look Good & Find Problems

Keeping your jewelry fresh and looking good won't only give you greater satisfaction, but it will permit you topin point small concerns before they become substantial problems. Among reliable guidelines for cleaning include: Remove Jewelry Just before Bathing, Use a Jewelry Polishing Cloth and Clean Your Jewelry with care. Not surprisingly, the regular washing of hands and body can add a soap film to your jewelry items that make them seem flat and dingy. Keep these items tidy and sparking by removing them before taking a shower. Using a cloth intended for jewelry cleaning will ensure that you get the ideal shine without possibly damaging your pieces of jewelry. Damage is usually seen after making use of items as mild as tissue or paper towels. Lastly, be careful when cleaning your jewelry by using a commercially made jewelry cleaner and ultizing gentle methods to avoid inflicting harm to your cherished items.

Hints from the Jewelry Repair Process

If you regularly wear jewelry, then you know that every once in awhile, it may be necessary to have restoration performed on your necklace, ring or bracelet. Generally, you may not be familiar with the process, but a variety of tips that you can use to assess the jeweler's abilities include: Reviews & Referrals, the Presence of a Published Price List and the Detail of the Take-In Procedures. When searching for a jeweler to do repairs, online testimonials and personal recommendations should keep you away from a jeweler that does shoddy work. Furthermore, when a jeweler has a published price list it's not as likely that the prices will creep up following the repair has been executed. Lastly, specific take in procedures when leaving a piece of jewelry for repair can imply the level of professionalism and focus on detail that your item will get.

Keep Jewelry Looking Great With Protected Storage

Jewelry is commonly worn during special events, so transportability and protected storage is very important to avoid damage and keep it damage free. Important rules include: Keep Your Jewelry Secure, Store Jewelry to Prevent Tarnishing and Inventory Your Items Routinely. The characteristics of jewelry is that it has many different chains, hooks and small components that can readily become snarled, so to prevent possible problems it's a good idea to keep items securely stored. This normally includes a individual box or container with each item wrapped in a piece of fabric. In certain climates, jewelry can become easily tarnished so it's important to store pieces in a manner to prevent deterioration through oxidation. This is simple to achieve by placing your items in a plastic bag with anti-tarnish strips designed to absorb oxidants. Lastly, jewelry can easily get lost or stolen so it's wise to take a regular inventory. If possible, this count ought to include a photograph, an itemized physical description and the cost of each item to use for a police report and an insurance claim.

To conclude, jewelry can be precious for economic, sentimental or spiritual reasons. By making use of these elementary jewelry care recommendations you'll be able to improve the life of your jewelry and enjoy it for years into the future.


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