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October 5, 2020
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Four Big Reasons to Buy Natural Baby Products

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In recent years we have seen a surge of people looking for more natural, healthy and sustainable ways to live their lives, and that includes the way they care for their children. Natural baby products have seen a huge rise in sales, and more and more manufacturers are now producing organic and eco-friendly alternatives to classic baby items. But why has the natural movement gathered so much momentum? Here's a guide to the four main ways in which natural baby products can benefit you and your child.1) Help Prevent AllergiesWe all know just how sensitive babies' skin can be, so it doesn't help when you add dyes, chemicals, flame retardants, fragrances and preservatives into the mix! A number of studies have shown that such additions to the products we use on our babies - from cosmetic products to clothing and bedding - can contribute to a rise in allergies and rashes.2) Make Your Baby More ComfortableThe organic fibers used in natural clothing and bedding are often softer, keeping your baby more comfortable. Everything helps when it comes to ensuring your baby gets a good night's sleep!3) Avoid ChemicalsYour baby is developing at great speed, but they don't yet have everything in place to protect themselves from toxins they may come across in the world. Even adults feel the effects of certain toxic chemicals, though they are far more harmful to babies and children.Even seemingly natural materials such as pure cotton clothing can be grown with harsh fertilizers and pesticides that make their way into your baby's skin as they wear them every day. Toxic leftovers remain on our clothing even when we wash it, permeating both the skin and the air your baby is breathing in. Even baby food can come laden with preservatives, and less than natural ingredients. Choosing natural options instead, such as organic clothing, organic food and natural baby products, is one way of avoiding these chemicals and the long term health risks they may pose. Despite the fact that the government claims these toxins aren't harmful in small amounts, studies have linked these chemicals to a number of diseases and health problems later on in life.4) Help The EnvironmentIf the chemicals in clothing and other products can get into your baby's skin, they can also get into the air and the environment, harming animals, sea creatures and plant life. Many non-natural baby products are also made with cheap production methods, causing a lot of waste when products don't last. When you buy natural and organic, you'll be helping to reduce the number of chemicals being released into the environment at the same time as supporting organic farmers.The main drawback of buying natural baby products is simply the fact that they'll cost more. You should also be wary of the word "natural" itself on labeling - instead, look for regulated terms such as "organic", and the organic seal. It'll be worth it to protect your baby's health.


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