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June 14, 2020
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Do Not Allow Acne to Govern You!

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Disorder in the sebaceous glands cause acne. When the pores are blocked and outbreak of lesions leads to acne. Acne is not a serious health disorder, but in severe cases, acne might result in permanent scarring and disfigured face.

Mostly it begins in teen years and the reason stated is due to hormonal change during puberty, which makes the skin oilier. Acne may also be due to heredity and never caused due to eating chocolates and oily foods. These will worsen the existing condition and never be the cause.

Factors that worsen the condition are Intake of birth control pills, For girls, just two to seven days before menstruation the hormone level keep varying and cause a flare in their acne, Hormonal changes during the course of pregnancy are also risk factor for acne. Lithium and barbiturates may aggravate the condition. Stress or prolonged emotional tension can be a risk factor. Greasy cosmetics
Harsh clothing material. Environmental irritants may aggravate acne. Whatever may be the case never let a disorder govern your life.

Though acne cannot be prevented, there are many tips to keep a check on the acne. Wash your skin regularly and follow a skin-cleansing regime. Never rub on the acne. Avoid excessive sweating as it may worsen the acne. Clean your hair properly and keep it free from dandruff. Avoid artificial chemicals on the face and hair. Avoid hair falling on your face. Stop touching the face often. Never wear any ornaments or things, which causes abrasion to the skin on the face, neck, and shoulders. Avoid exposing to direct sun. Drink loads of water. Gentle and careful shaving is necessary.

Never believe these myths, which is known as a cause of acne. They are not a cause but they worsen the condition. Pricking the pimples will reduce its occurrence. Munching chocolates or fried foods can cause acne. Stress is a soul reason for acne. Avoiding makeup will not cause acne. May be avoiding greasy make up will be helpful. Cleaning the face often will help in reducing acne. Never this will just aggravate the condition. Maximum cleaning the skin twice is advisable. Skin tan will clear up the acne. Exposing to sun will worsen acne.

Nonetheless, you should let acne take its own time to be cured. There are always creams, lotions, and antibiotics to help in the treatment of acne. With the help of dermatologist and the modern products available these days anybody can be acne free.


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