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August 5, 2020
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Mineral Makeup: Good for Your Skin, Perfect for Your Wedding

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At the annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar sponsored by the Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF), the director of dermatologic and skin cancer surgery at Scott and White Medical Center, Temple, Texas, Dr. Howard K. Steinman, highlighted in his speech how mineral makeup has been changing everything from covering acne blemishes to masking post-procedure discoloration. "Mineral makeup achieves really spectacular results," said Dr. Steinman. "Mineral makeup has done to medical makeup what fillers and Botox have done to the field of facial cosmetic surgery. You now have little excuse for not using makeup in your office."

But before we go deeper into the benefits and applications of mineral makeup, let's first understand what it is and how it differs from traditional cosmetics. After we learn what it is, then we'll know why people are shifting to mineral makeup options.

What is Mineral Makeup

*Mineral makeup is good for the skin.
oIt is not petroleum-based.
oIt does not contain filler ingredients that block pores or irritate skin.
oIt is free from preservatives, dyes, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, etc.
oIt utilizes minerals derived from the earth, such as titanium dioxide and mica powder.
oIts natural composition can be tolerated by those with skin allergies, eczema, acne, rosacea, and irritable skin.
*Mineral makeup is not a new invention.
oIt has been used in many cultures throughout history, but only gained popularity recently.
*Mineral makeup offers protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun.
oIt contains zinc oxide that combines with pure iron oxide, which is responsible for the cosmetic colour and heat absorption.
oIt is recommended by dermatologists for those who are sensitive to sunlight, especially following a surgery or chemical peel.
*Mineral makeup is less likely to be contaminated.
oIt doesn't support the growth of bacteria.
*Mineral makeup is light on the skin but has complete coverage.
oIt allows the skin to breathe.
oIt matches the skin tone as the mineral lightly overlaps the skin, so no need to put on thick layers to achieve the right complexion or natural look.
oIt has excellent coverage that achieves a flawless, real-skin result.

Choose Mineral Cosmetics for Your Wedding Makeup

With the natural and fresh look that mineral makeup gives the skin, it's but a perfect choice for a bridal makeup. Its light application and skin-tone result will give the bride a vibrant, yet natural glow, on her big day. It washes away her worry of wearing an overpowering makeup that's too heavy or thick on her face, when she's the centre of attention on this special day. The mineral makeup helps enhance the radiance the bride feels inside out.

Wye Cosmetics knows how important it is for brides to look beautiful and feel confident on their big day; that's why they offer wedding and bridal makeup packages that use their range of high definition products, including their mineral cosmetics and hair styling products, so you will look your best throughout the day.


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